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Fishing Rod

Image:Fishing Rod
Description:Used for Fishing Skill.
Shop Price:100

Required for skill(s):

PictureItemRequired SkillRequired Percent
Crucian CarpCrucian CarpFishing1%
Blue Sea BreamBlue Sea BreamFishing2%
Gray MulletGray MulletFishing2%
Red Sea BreamRed Sea BreamFishing2%
Red CarpRed CarpFishing6%
Light Axe +2Light Axe +2Fishing9%
Sabre +2Sabre +2Fishing9%
Long Sword +2Long Sword +2Fishing14%
Green CarpGreen CarpFishing16%
5000 Gold Pocket5000 Gold PocketFishing19%
Platinum RingPlatinum RingFishing19%
Rapier +2Rapier +2Fishing19%
Scimitar +2Scimitar +2Fishing19%
Tomahoc +2Tomahoc +2Fishing19%
Gold CarpGold CarpFishing21%
Broad Sword +2Broad Sword +2Fishing24%
Falchion +2Falchion +2Fishing24%
Power Green PotionPower Green PotionFishing24%
Ruby RingRuby RingFishing24%
Saxon Axe +2Saxon Axe +2Fishing24%
Bastard Sword +2Bastard Sword +2Fishing29%
10000 Gold Pocket10000 Gold PocketFishing34%
Claymore +2Claymore +2Fishing34%
Double Axe +2Double Axe +2Fishing34%
Esterk +2Esterk +2Fishing34%
Sapphire RingSapphire RingFishing34%
Great Sword +2Great Sword +2Fishing39%
War Axe +2War Axe +2Fishing39%
50000 Gold Pocket50000 Gold PocketFishing44%
Battle Axe +2Battle Axe +2Fishing44%
Emerald RingEmerald RingFishing44%
Flameberge +2Flameberge +2Fishing44%
Super Power Green PotionSuper Power Green PotionFishing44%
Flameberge +3 (LLF)Flameberge +3 (LLF)Fishing59%
Golden Axe (LLF)Golden Axe (LLF)Fishing59%
100000 Gold Pocket100000 Gold PocketFishing64%
Magic Necklace (DF+10)Magic Necklace (DF+10)Fishing64%
Magic Necklace (RM10)Magic Necklace (RM10)Fishing64%
Magic Necklace (DM+1)Magic Necklace (DM+1)Fishing74%
Magic Necklace (MS10)Magic Necklace (MS10)Fishing74%
Ring of Ogre PowerRing of Ogre PowerFishing79%
Ring of WizardRing of WizardFishing79%
1000000 Gold Pocket1000000 Gold PocketFishing89%